Adam Wyllie
Rotarian of the Year
The Rotarian of the Year award is presented to a Rotarian for outstanding service to the club and Rotary over the past year. This year's recipient is Adam Wyllie
Adam joined our Rotary club in 2008 and was sponsored by Ken MacDonald. Adam has spent his career in the insurance industry and is currently the President and Co-owner of Fulton Insurance Limited.
Over the past year Adam has been busy in our club in numerous roles. Adam is currently a member of our Board of Directors serving as the Director of Youth Services. During the year he also served with the committee that was created to deal with the distribution and allocation of funds we received from the Bethel Trust. At all times Adam acts with integrity, expertise and a commitment to service.  This service commitment is clearly demonstrated if you look at Adam's participation over the last year. The following are some other areas where Adam has contributed.
  •  Member of the 2016 District Conference Committee,
  •  Member of the Adventure in Citizenship Committee,
  •  Actively involved in the Yearbook Project,
  •  Cheering for Charity event at the Truro Raceway,
  •  The Christmas Index Program,
The Rotary Club of Truro is proud to recognize Adam Wyllie as Rotarian of the Year for 2016-17.