The Rotary Club of Truro is looking for young people in Colchester County to take part in the Adventure in Citizen Program.

The Adventure in Citizenship program brings together a select group of 200 students from across Canada to learn about Canadian democratic institutions through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and each other. The Rotary Club of Truro will participate in the program again this year and encourages 16 -18 year old high school students in Colchester County to apply.  The Club will pay for the selected candidate to fly to Ottawa and attend the program.

Our application process calls for a short essay (approx. 250 words) or a 30-90 second creative video on “What does being a Canadian citizen mean to you?“

The deadline for application to the Rotary Club of Truro is March 20th.  Send completed essays or videos to by midnight March 20, 2017.

Share the post on the clubs Facebook page and refer as many young people that you know (or there parents) to the program. 

Check out the details on the Adventure in Citizenship program at