The Rotary Club of Truro was once again a major supporter of the Colchester Community Workshops annual Golf fundraiser entering the two top fundraising teams. Of the total of $28,419 raised for the event Team Bowness brought in $2,330.00  and Team Begin $2,128.00. There were 15 teams and 33 volunteers over the course of the day.  Photos of the teams are on the club's Facebook page. 
The history of the club at this particular event is shown belwo.  Congratulations to all.
2007 - 2nd Highest Fundraising Team
2008 - Top Fundraising Team
2009 - Top Fundraising Team
2010 - Top Fundraising Team
2011 - Top Fundraising (Duffers) & 2nd (Aces)
2012 - Top Fundraising (Duffers) & 2nd (Aces)
2013 - Top & 2nd Highest Fundraising Teams