Christmas is not always the best time of year for many people, but in Colchester County the Christmas Index Program works hard to make the holiday special. This year the Rotary Club of Truro took leadership of foundation that provides support to over 800 families. The program starts in October with promotions and continues up to Christmas Day. 
Toys, gifts and financial donations come from businesses, families and individuals right up to the week leading to Christmas. Sponsors from the community provide for one to 70 families. Any families without sponsors in early December are provided for by the Christmas Index Program.
This year the Index provided toys and a food hamper from the food bank for over 110 families with over 200 children.
It takes many hands to make the program a success. The Rotary Club of Truro members stood strong for the challenge. Linking hands and hearts with the overwhelming generosity of the community this year was a wonderful success. Thank you to everyone for taking a moment of your time to make so many children's Christmas morning a joy!
Merry Christmas 2015