Posted by Mike Topley on May 26, 2019
Seven members of the Rotary Club of Truro, helped by several family and friends, spent a couple of hours doing the annual clean up of the Robie St./ Highway 102 interchange on Saturday morning May 25th.  For once it was a pleasant day with lots of sunshine.
Included in the pick-up party were; Ed MacDonald, Sue MacMillan, Rod Jones, Laurie Sandeson, Jim Goit, Ester Bejarano, Mike Topley, Maralyn Bowness, Richard Bowness and (not in the picture) Joel Hunter. 
We picked up 40 bags of garbage plus 14 bulky items (tires, signs, pylons, sheet plastic, etc).  A whole truck load! Some of the more interesting finds included major car parts, underwear, shoes, an unopened package of smoked salmon and a 5 dollar bill. 
All adjourned for a well earned coffee when the work was done.
Thank you to everyone involved.  The entry to town from the highway looks much better.
You would think someone would be missing these.