Youth Leadership Award

  • Presented to a deserving citizen, who has provided outstanding service through volunteer work or financial support to the youth of our community.
  • Nominees can be from any of the citizens of the Colchester County area.
  • Very unusual for Rotarians to receive this recognition.
  • Nominations are solicited from Rotarians and the general public. A request for nominations can be made via our Weekly Bulletin and an ad in the local paper (October).
  • The Vocational/New Generations Service Committee receives and makes nominations and selects the successful recipient (if any) each year.
  • Normally presented at a Luncheon Meeting in November. (Recipient has opportunity to express thanks at the microphone)


Recipients of the Youth Leadership Award

 Awardee  Year
 Craig Burgess  2022-2023
 Richard Haines  2014-2015
 Jack Sibley  2011-2012
 Bruce Moore and Mark Brown  2010-2011
 Kent Loughead  2009-2010
 Shawn Evans  2008-2009